Labrador Girls

All of our breeding stock have OFA hip/elbow/cardiac/CERF/EIC/HNPK/Dilute (Locus D) and PRA-prcd clearances.

Clearcreek Bonaventure Downton Abbey “Abby”

(Am, Bul, Pol Ch Annual’s Texas Ranger x Clearcreek Bonaventure Causing Chaos)


Rickways All In The Cards “Aggie”

(Gingerbred Magic Dragon x Rickways Heirloom Lace)


Zinfndel’s Alegria “Allie”

(Zinfndel’s Life Elevated x BISS Am Ch Zinfndel’s Cirque Du Soleil)


OTCH GR Ch Blackamoor’s Bezique WCI RA “Obedience Trial Champion Excellent” “Alex”

(Rickways Sweet Summer Lovin’ x Blusette Of Blackamoor)


Ch Sumo’s Apple Annie O’Prosperity (y) “Annie”

(Spirit of Sherwood x Sumo’s Baga Lasting Legacy)

Rickways Singular Sensation (c) “Bailey”

(Ch Alegra Sabo Bonaventure’s Albert x Rickways Diamond Willow)

Blackamoor’s Tradition at Rickway (y) “Callie”

( DKK Jayncourt Significant Star X Fantasy’s Brookhaven Bliss JH

Rickways Come H ‘or High Water “Clare”

(Rickways Midnight Special x Rickways Let’s Go Higher)


Gr Ch Bonaventure’s The Cutting Edge “Dakota”

Feather-Reed Canadian Girl “Dewey”


Rickways Faith “Faith”

(Am Ch Wit’s End Jacks Or Better At Blackwing x Ch Rickways Sweet Dreams Of You)

Rickways Game Plan “Jemma”

(Ch Rickways Name Of The Game X Rickways Heirloom Lace)

Ch Labralayne’s Redneck Woman “Gretchen”

Ch Rickways What’s The Rush “Hurry”

(MBISS Am Gr Ch Hyspire’s Adrenaline Rush X Trdsman’s Wild Orchids At Sumo)


Ch Rickways The Devil Wears Prada “Iris”

(Ch Eagertrieve’s Leprechaun X Shadowriver’s Storm Warning)

Rickway In The Heat Of The Moment “Jakob”

Ch YBR Whiteout at Rickway “Lacey”

Ch Rickways Spice Girl (c) “Lexie”

(Bonaventure’s Maxwell x Can Ch Rickways Kentucky Raine)

Rickways Peanutbutterconspiracy “Lily”


Ch. Rickways Windstorm 2nd “Lucy”

Mooselake’s River Dance (By) “Luka”

(Rocheby Charcoal x Mooselake River Dream)

Ch Rickways The Sorceress “Magic”


Rickways Hope Floats “Neeka”

( Rickways White Hot x Ch Rickways Sweet Dreams Of You)

Ch Rickway’s Headlong Rush to Sumo (By) “Noodles”

(MBISS Am Gr Ch Hyspire’s Adrenaline Rush X Trdsman’s Wild Orchids At Sumo)

Ch Pilley Green Patch “Raven”

(Ch Alegra Sabo Bonaventure’s Albert X Ryedown Time To Rejoice.

Rickways Super Slick “Ripley”

Rickways Lets Go Higher (y) “Sage”

(Rickways White Hot X Rickways Noblesse)