Labrador Pups

Rickway has several planned breedings that have been done and are in the process of stud dogs being selected for several others. If you are interested in any of the breedings or planned breedings please call (1-204-755-2338) and arrange an interview.

Rickway Kennels is excited to announce the following breedings which have been done. We are now in the process of interviewing and accepting deposits. The order of deposits will designate the order in which the subsequent puppies are chosen. Deposits are being accepted for all three recognized colors.

Litter #1

BISS Ch Rickways The Sorceress
BISS Am Can Ch Paradocs Bellwether Heath


Magic / Heath BISS Am Ch Paradocs Bellwether Heath BISS Am Ch Paradocs Obsidian Am Ch Paradocs Hunterleigh Quinn Paradocs Jonquil  
Paradocs Tabatha’s Corrie  
Gr Am Ch Dry Creek Paradocs Onyx Am Can Ch Paradocs Tabatha’s Caillou  
Am Ch Farbourne’s Royal Pearl  
Bellwether Crosslots to Paradocs Am Can Ch Paradocs Tabatha\’s Caillou Am Ch Tabatha’s Sport WC  
Am Ch Tabatha’s Kali  
Am Ch Nirvana’s Bebiche Am Ch Big Sky’s Stone Cutter  
Nirvana Center of Bliss  
BISS Gr Can Ch Rickways The Sorceress MBISS Am Gr Ch Shalimar’s The Animator BISS Am Gr Ch Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable MBISS Gr Am Ch Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive WC  
Am Ch Blackwaters Nipntuck Cheerleader  
Shalimar Hyspire Biding My Time Pol Ch Figero Dafoz Herbu Zadora  
Hyspire Shali When Your Hot Your Hot  
Ch Rickways Headlong Rush To Sumo MBISS Am Ch Hyspire Adrenaline Rush MBISS Am Ch Boradors By George  
Hyspire Cavanaugh  
Trdsmn’s Wild Orchids At Sumo Am Ch Hyspire Windfall Cookie Cutter  
Sumo Tradesman My Fair Lady  
All black litter expected April 11, 2020

Litter #2

Mooselake’s Riverdance
MBISS Can GRCh Eagertrieve’s Paevalley Endeavor


Luka / Elliott MBISS Can GrCh Eagertrieve Paevalley Endeavor Am Ch Devonshire’s Huckleberry Finn Am GrCh Tabatha’s Sunfest Decker Am Ch Tabatha’s Sunfest Hudson  
BISS Am Ch Tabatha’s Plush  
Am Ch Devonshire’s Wildberry Zinger Am Ch Zinfndel Brigham  
Am Ch Devonshire’s Darjeeling  
Can Ch Eagertrieve’s Paevalley Charmer MBiSS Am Can Ch Eagertrieve’s Blackjack BISS Am Ch Wit\’s End Jacks or Better at Blackwing  
MBiSS Eagertrieve’s Meant To Do That  
BISS Can Ch Eagertrieve’s Made In Secret Hollyridge Hobuff Taylor Made  
BISS Can Ch Eagertrieve Got That Boom Boom  
Mooselake Riverdance Rocheby Charcoal Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue  
Eng Ch Rocheby Acorn  
Rocheby Blueberry Int Ch Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods  
Bridgeford Bramble at Rocheby  
Mooselake River Dream MBIS Can Ch Rocheby Pioneer Rocheby Suttonpark Travis  
Brambleridge Rave Review at Bridgeford  
Mooselake Ruby Red Schooner Can Ch Rocheby Sovereign  
Can Ch Mooselake Dream Boat Annie  
All Yellow litter expected April 15, 2020

Litter #3

Blackamoor’s Tradition Art Rickway
Rickways Midnight Special


Callie / Remington Rickways Midnight Special MBISS Can GRCh
Shadowriver’s Storm Chaser
Tabatha\’s Noble Am Can Ch Tabatha’s Knight CD JH  
Tabatha’s Confetti WC  
Redbae’s Girls Nite Out Winterwind’s Tartan Plaid  
Am Can Ch Redbae’s Late Nite Call Girl  
Can Ch Rickways Sweet City Woman BIS Am Ch Sandylands Aim To Please Eng Sh Ch Tapeatom Gadding Around At Sandylands  
Sandylands Star Shine  
Ch Mtn Vista’s Sargate Am Can Int Wor Fr Ch Sandylands Rip Van Winkle  
Whitethorn Summer Mist  
Blackamoor’s Tradition at Rickway Dn Ch Jayncourt Significant Star BIS Eng Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-About Eng Sh Ch Sandylands My Guy  
Eng Sh Ch Sandylands Bliss  
Jayncourt Star Blossom Jayncourt Star Tradition  
Jayncourt Moonbeam  
Fantasy’s Brookhaven Bliss BIS Am Ch Sandylands Aim To Please Eng Sh Ch Tapeatom Gadding Around At Sandylands  
Sandylands Star Shine  
Bianca of Blackamoor Ballyeaston of Blackamoor  
Blacks and yellow puppies expected April 15, 2020