Past Stars

This section of Rickway is dedicated to some of the dogs that have made us famous and have given us and their families such unselfish joy and devotion.

The dogs featured below have deserved their “forever homes”. While many of them are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

To the many other families who have given our dogs such wonderful lives and homes, my undying gratitude and thanks. We could not have done it without your help.


BISS Gr Ch Rickways The Sorceress CD “Magic”
Rickways Quidditch “Snitch”
Labralayne’s Superstition “Gracie”
Rickways Faith “Faith”
Rickways The Cat’s Pyjamas “PJ’s”
Rickways Schiaparelli “Lola”
Smokey Valley’s Northern Adventure “Trevor”
Ch Rickways Hope Floats “Neeka”
Bonaventure’s Victoria’s Secret “Lucy”
Ch YBR Whiteout at Rickway “Lacey”
Rickways Cadillac Ranch “Josie”
Ch Rickways The Devil Wears Prada “Iris”
Rickways Super Slick “Indie”
GrCh Bonaventure’s The Cutting Edge “Dakota”
Ch Amen Hadleigh Cocktail Party @ Tri-Ever “Flirt”
Blackamoor’s Tradition at Rickway “Callie”
Rickways Midnight Special “Remington”
Rickways Toast To Freedom “Freedom”
Rickways One H Of A Ruckus “Bruin”
Rickways The Cat’s Pyjamas “Pj’s”
Ch YBR Whiteout at Rickway “Lacey”
Ch Rickways The Devil Wears Prada “Iris”
Gr Ch Bonaventure’s The Cutting Edge “Dakota”
Blackamoor’s Tradition at Rickway (y) “Callie”

“Magic” BISS Gr Ch Rickways The Sorceress CD

“Luka” Mooselake Riverdance

“Jetta” Labralayne’s Kung Fu Panda

“Chase” MBISS BPIS Gr Ch Shadowriver’s Stormchaser CDX

“Whitney” Rickways Heart Of Gold

Rickways The Big Tease At TKey4 “Bernie”

Rickways Singular Sensation “Bailey”

Ch Pilley Green Patch “Raven”

CH Rickways Polaris “Ice”

Ch Labralaynes Imagine That “Maggie May”

OTCH GR Ch Bezique of Blackamoor WCI RA “Alex”

Rickways All In The Cards “Aggie”
Ch Sumo’s Apple Annie O’Prosperity (y) “Annie”
Ch Rickways Spice Girl (c) “Lexie”
Ch. Rickways Windstorm 2nd “Lucy”
Ch Rickways What’s The Rush “Hurry”
Rickways Noella “Lucy”
Cameo Du Jardin Des Gourmandises “Spike”
Ch Rickways Honorabull “Alice”
Ch Rickways Tarot CD (By) “Autumn”
Ch Eagertrieves Leprechaun (Y) “Buddy”
Rickways White Hot (Y) “Paxton”
Ch Rickways Super Trouper (By) “Zander”
Rickways Working Girl “Mina”
Can Ch Alegra Sabo Bonaventure’s “Albert”
Ch Rickways Bahama Mama “Leia”
Ch Rickways Chocolate Koffee Kiss “Reece”
Rickways Heirloom Lace “Tori”
Ch De Niza’s Winston Churchbull “Winston”
Rickways Memories “Bubbles”
Ch Rickway’s Life of the Party “Ethel”
“Hope” Ch Sweet Dreams of You
“Sally” Ch Rickways Sweet City Woman
“Willow” Rickways Diamond Willow
“Zeus” Ch Gomagans Case Dismissed
“Zoey” Rickways Questionabull Behavior
“Fifi” Ch Rickways Amia-Bull
“Charlotte” All My Heart Bitt Box
“Norton” Rickways Unmistake A Bull
“Cola” Ch Rickways Koffee Krisp (c)
“Jane” Rickways Esprits Des Corps
“Sadie” Rickways Fortune Teller
“Tali” Ch Rickways I have a Dream
“Ziva” Ch Rickways Barrique
“Zoey” Rickways Ivory Coast
“Stella” Mallorn’s Nutmeg
“CoCo” Can Ch Rickways Kentucky Raine
“Chelsea” Bonaventure’s Southern Belle
“Tasha” Rickways Love Song
“Bentley” Ch Rickways Casper 2nd CGN
“Puff” Gingerbread Magic Dragon
“Summer” Rickways Voulez-Vous CDX WC
“Java” BISS Can Ch Muskelunges Java Java Tartan
“Max” Bonaventure’s Maxwell
“Brooks” Hadleigh’s The Scarecrow
“Teak” Ch Rickways Irish Rover
“Frankie” Ch Churchill S Polya Borodina
“Butters” Butterscotch Swirl
“Mischief” Rickways Alexandria 2nd
“Corrie” Ch Chesnut Bona Venture’s Cassie
“Cawinda” Cawinda Action Alet
“Ryder” Can Ch Lewisan Lawman
“Judy” Rickways Hey Jude
“Abbey” Ch Lovalabs Leagly Blonde
“Sophie” Rickways Never Say Never
“Bailey” Rickways Gale Force Winds
“Monty” Rickways Beretta
“Blaze” MBIS Am Can Ch Flarepath’s Devine Blaze
“Rosie” Rickways Final Edition
“Raider” MBISS BIS Ch Rickways Sun Raider
“Dove” Rickways Lonesome Dove
“Whitney” Rickways Whitney Houston
“Hanna” Hennings Mill Sylvan Hanna
“Breezy” Am Can Ch Rickways Tuscaroura
“Tikur” Ch Rickways Tikur Daniikil
“Pirate” Am Can Ch Rickways Pirate’s Treasure
“Murmur” Ch Rickways Bradking Wind Chimes
“Trinity” Ch Rickways Renegade
“Shea” Ch Rickways Snow Goose
“Reese” Ch Rickways Kanvasbak Koke Klassic
“Buddy” Ch Rickways Fineans Rainbow
“Lily” Ch Waterlily Dance For Sharona
“Bear” Can Ch Rickways Ursus Minor
“Drifter” Ch Rickways Snowdrift
“Liberty”Ch Lewisan Liberty
“Quinn” OTCH Seineriver Dr. Quinn of Bower WCX SH
“Dakota” Ch Rickways Take A Chance On Me
“Bailey” Ch Rickways Mocha Kaffe
“Bebe” Ch Flarepath’s S’il Vous Plait
“Snuffles” Rickway De Niza Comedy Routine


“Chips” Ch Charm Namur Patriot Games


“Rosie” Rickways Rosie Cotton


“Roxie” CH Rickways The Real McCoy


“Mel” Hadleigh’s Song Of The South


“Molly” Ch Rickways Unsinkable Molly Brown


“Murphy” Rickways Murphy O’Kieran


“Barkley” Bonaventure’s TreeBark Barkley


“Sage” Can Ch Mtn Vista’s Stargate


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