Rickways The Dance

 Sex: Female
Color: Yellow
Birthday: April 13, 2020
Registration: HG4014629
Hips: LR-265319G31F-C-PI
Elbows: LR-EL112904F31-C-P1
Cardiac: clear by auscultation 
PRA-prcd; DDC161641 – Clear
EIC: DDC161639 – Carrier
HNPK: DDC161640 – Clear
Dilution Locus D: DDC161642 – Clear
Cystinuria: DDC161637 – Clear
DM : DDC161638 – Clear
CNM: DDC161636 – Clear

Pedigree For Zoey:

ZOEYRickways The Dance MBISS Gr Ch Paevalley Endeavor Am Ch Huckleberry Finn Am Gr Ch Tabatha’s Sunfest Decker Am Gr Ch Tabatha’s Sunfesy Hudson
BISS Tabatha’s Plush
Am Ch Devonshires Wildberry Zinger Am CH Zinfndel Brigham
Am Ch Devonshire’s Darjeeling
Ch Eagertrieve’s Paevalley Charmer MBISS Eagertrive’s Blackjack BISS Am Ch Wit’s End Jacks Or Better At Blackwing
MBISS Ch Eagertrieve’s Meant To Do That
BISS Ch Eagertrieve’s Made In Secret Hollyridge Lobuff Taylor Made
Mooslelake Riverdance Rocheby Charcoal Rocheby Old Smokey BISS Ch Eagertrieve Got That Boom Boom
Rocheby Navy Blue
Rocheby Blueberry Eng Sh Ch Rocheby Acorn
Int Ch Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods
Mooselake River Dream MBIS Rocheby Pioneer Rocheby Suttonpark Travis
Brambleridge Rave Review of Bridgeford
Mooselake Schooner Red Ruby Ch Rocheby Sovereign
Ch Mooselake Dream Boat Annie

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