Labrador Retriever Purchase Agreement

We, at Rickway Kennels, as dedicated Labrador breeders, do our best to produce the proper type of Labrador Retriever with good temperament and of the soundest type possible. However, we cannot guarantee against what might occur from recessive genes or from what might result from environmental circumstances beyond our control once the puppy/dog leaves Rickway Kennels. We will discuss with you at length what we find most helpful in raising a healthy happy Labrador.

  1. Purchase price of all puppies shall be as determined on costs incurred for the litter. This is dependent on the stud dog semen, (frozen or chilled), blood testing and shipment charges. There are also applicable taxes and of this sum, there shall be a non-refundable deposit of $350.00 plus applicable taxes. This deposit shall be considered part of the purchase price.
  2. The breeder agrees that the puppy/dog has had an initial set of vaccination. You will have a health guarantee extending for 72 hours after taking possession of the puppy/dog in which to have the animal examined by a licensed veterinarian, and are urged to do so.
  3. The breeder agrees that the puppy/dog will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and that the registration papers belonging to the said dog shall be forwarded without undue delay to the Canadian Kennel Club. All of our puppies are sold on a non-breeding agreement unless otherwise stipulated.
  4. The purchaser agrees to provide for safe, humane care, treatment and training for the said dog. and the dog shall be maintained in a safe, secure and fenced environment. Tying the dog on a rope while unattended or allowing, the dog to roam at large is strictly forbidden. This practice could result in the breeder taking the dog back with no refund being offered, to be placed elsewhere at the breeder’s discretion.
  5. The breeder agrees to guarantee replacement of this dog (same sex, same color when one becomes available) or refund ½ the purchase price plus taxes providing the purchaser agrees to:
    • The purchaser shall not keep the puppy/dog at a weight more than that recommended by a licensed veterinarian.
    • This dog shall not be over exercised in the opinion of the breeder (no jogging, running behind wheeled vehicles, or ski-dos) until over the recommended age of two years.
    • If the dog is sold to a third party this guarantee is no longer binding.

Rickway Kennels ONLY guarantees against the following hereditary defects:

  1. Hip Dysplasia up to and including three (3) years of age.
  2. OCD or Elbow Dysplasia up to and including three (3) years of age.
  3. Hereditary Juvenile Cataracts, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) up to and including five (5) years of age.

Where any of these conditions are noted, there must be a letter from the attending veterinarian accompanied by x-rays or substantiated reports concerning the said condition. Before any replacement or refund, the dog shall be neutered or spayed. The purchaser will be allowed to retain the original dog, it must be spayed or neutered prior to having the original dog replaced when one becomes available. However, should no replacement dog be desired then ½ of the original purchase price shall be given plus appropriate taxes. There shall be no further remuneration given or offered.